Mojos Bar

X | ‘CITATIONS’ national tour

Thursday, August 3, 2017


In 1789 the French had finally had enough of Absolutism in form of the monarchy driven government and vented their collective spleen by storming the Bastille. In 1977 the people of Australia were in the same kind of mood. Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe & Steve Cafiero – conspirators all – would meet in a basement in Glebe and plot rebellion. They called themselves X and plastered Sydney with the bold red Xs, slashed over the mastheads and pages of Sydney’s newspapers alerting like-minded people where they could gather and revel in anarchy and chaos. 40 years later X is calling out to the people again to be seen in the streets. Raise your voices and unite! Pub rock lives and the punk ethic is alive and kicking.

Support by Axe Girl and Datura4.

Doors 8pm | Tickets $30+bf

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