Mojos Bar

Shontay Snow

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Shontay Snow plays in duo mode at Mojo’s Bar with special guests supporting. Shontay will be joined by her fellow bandmate Reins.Shontay is known for her captivating vocal prowess, whether its on stage with Saviour or purely on her own with just a guitar. Her debut EP was a massive success, with her popular single “Mon Amour” gaining thousands of listens worldwide. Shontay has also performed several different Saviour tracks online that have gained lots of attention. A new release is on the horizon for Shontay Snow, expect lots to come this year and the next. Reins is the bassist of Saviour, who has recently gone solo and released some of his own work. His debut single “In Circles”. has already received lots of praise and attention. A debut EP from Reins is not far away. Exclusive acoustic renditions of some Saviour tracks will get performed at these events so don’t miss out.

Doors 8pm | Entry $10

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