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Salmon for Breakfast | Kim Salmon in Story, Song and Sketch

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kim Salmon (Beasts of Bourbon, Scientists, The Surrealists). Art School drop-out, seminal punk rocker, living legend. And breakfast aficionado…

Born into the isolation of the semi-industrial wastelands of 1950s outer suburban Perth, Kim Salmon clawed his way out of the swamp and onto the world stage with his bands The Scientists, The Surrealists and Beasts of Bourbon. Kim Salmon’s artistic legacy is assured, and his story begs the telling.

For over 12 months, Douglas Galbraith has been meeting Kim Salmon for breakfast, talking about his journey from childhood, through the nascent snarls of antipodean punk rock, to his worldwide recognition as the ‘Godfather of Grunge’ and current life as a working musician and artist in Melbourne.

A fascinating marriage of art exhibition (featuring Salmon’s sketches and scribbles), live music show and narrative theatre piece, Salmon for Breakfast: Kim Salmon in Story, Song & Sketch is a clever and entertaining narrative within a narrative.

Doors 8pm | Tickets $30+bf

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