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Racoo | ‘I Fell Asleep for Half the Day’ Album Launch

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Sad country album launch (‘I Fell Asleep for Half the Day) with a dance party at the end. If you’re both a miserable bitch and a good time gal you’ll have a good night.

We have Sad Saddle – to bring you the sweetest saddest sad country feelings around.

Then we have Flooded Palace – sad boy folk with endearing lullaby tragedy quality.

Heavenly – whimsical pinning, am I in the ocean or am I in the river……. There’s flute in this line up. A full band of adorable critters.

Racoo – finally launching this new album ‘I fell asleep for half the day’, there will be a choir of friends and family and other accompanists popping in for a minute or two to recreate a live version of this new vinyl.

Help Racoo launch this terrifyingly melancholic trilogy to their last album help them divorce all sentimentality for the second last time, but then there’s always another one.

Dance party: let’s finally have some fun after all that deep sadness.

Brought to you by Hanque Williams and Beryl Streep.


Doors 8pm | Entry $10 on the door

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