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Noah Dillon | Single Launch

Friday, July 12, 2019


Singer-songwriter Noah Dillon and his four piece alt-rock band have already had an explosive and busy 2019, touring, releasing songs, receiving critical acclaim and being nominated for awards (WAM Song of the year award in the pop category for “You Did It To Yourself”). Now they are back with their third single “Don’t Act Like You Know Me”.

Written at the beginning of 2019, Dillon explains that the song is about relationship breakdowns, miscommunication and uninformed judgement.”The song stems from the feeling that you don’t know someone you were once close to. During the writing period, I felt as if I couldn’t escape communicating on a relatively superficial level with people around me and couldn’t always portray the person I wanted to be. No one really knows what the people around them are going through and the superficial nature of interactions can make it hard to grasp who people really are and how they’ve changed”

“I wanted the song to be something that people could connect with and find their own meaning in, whether that’s feeling miss-judged or miss-represented, we want people to feel some sense of outlet.”

For this track, the band consisting of Noah Dillon (vocals, guitar), Jack Hill (drums), Sam Rocchi (lead guitar), Claudia Genovese (bass) and friend Fraeya Evans helping with backing Vocals, stuck with a winning formula. The song was recorded at Tuna-fish studios in Fremantle with the amazing Broderick Madden-Scott and Ryan Brennan (Phantastic Ferniture) jumping on board for mixing duties.

The band have been wildly successful since the release of their first single, “The Man I’m Not”, in 2017. Their songs have received hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify along with community radio and nation radio airplay across Australia. The band say that while they play under Noah’s name, there are large amounts of creative input by all members and their sole purpose is to portray the message of their songs.

The band’s music is a genre bending mix of singer-songwriter inspirations such as Bob Dylan and Courtney Barnett with the tear jerking attitude of Modest Mouse and Alex G creating a unique kaleidoscope of songs that’ll make you question who you are.

Support will come from Butter, Racoo, and Didion’s Bible.

Doors 8pm | Entry $9.20

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