Mojos Bar

Mojo’s Bar Pool Comp

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Every Wednesday from 6pm until 8pm, pool players of the world are uniting at Mojo’s Bar for the weekly Mojo’s Bar Pool Comp.

Our hosts, or should we say sharks with the barks, Mr Shane and Ms Julia will berate participants while the latter compete.

Mr Shane has said, “I expect flare, it’s a showy and attacking game”. And when asked about pool players employing tactics of psychological belittlement to their opponents, Mr Shane had this to say, “I personally am all out attack”, and added “When you get to a certain level, it’s all about mind games”.

Ms Julia has gracefully and yet quite directly said, when asked about all this, “For those of you who are really good at pool, this comp is for you”.

On the basis this is fully booked each week, there’s a $100 bar tab as main prize up for grabs each Wednesday night for as long as this runs. The tab will be avail for entire two weeks after it is won and accessible at any stage during that period. Tab will be served responsibly.

Entrants register with our hosts at the venue between 5:30pm and 6:30pm any given Wednesday. No entry fee.

Entry 5:30pm | Entry FREE

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