Mojos Bar

Mojo’s Bar NYE

Monday, December 31, 2018


Have you ever been to Mojo’s? Have you heard about Mojo’s? Either way, you are part of the Mojo’s family. There’s a Mojo’s family party happening on New Year’s Eve.

Pretty much everyone involved with Mojo’s and Cool Perth Nights is a musician. So, it was clear to us, that on this special occasion we should play at your party. Headlining is Mojo’s yardie, Peter Bibby. One of the main supports is Doctopus featuring Stephen Bellair, Senior Bar Manager at Mojo’s bar. Hyclass, who Mojo’s has proudly cultivated throughout 2018, will also be playing. Felicity Groom will be playing with Andrew Ryan – and these guys operate the company behind Mojo’s.

Fraeya, who has also been cultivated at Mojo’s this year, will be playing. Big Cry, featuring Mojo Bar Manager Hugh Manning and CPN senior booker Ashlyn, naturally, will be featured. Boss of the CPN office and boss of the commanding “don’t fuck with me” stage presence Oosterbanger, aka Ellen Oosterbaan, shall slay. New Nausea, who has played most of his shows at Mojo’s, will continue to tear new ones. Poets in residence at Mojo’s, Jack Davies, will charm and quell. As will Grace Armstrong and Sara Salt.

Fireflies of positivity always buzzing around Mojo’s turning frowns upside down, BEXX and DJ Chipslut, will ensure there is a family dance at the end of the family party.

Don’t bring a present, just want your presence.

Doors 6pm | Tickets $29.60

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