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Michael Triscari | ‘My Own Days’ Single Launch Tour

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Spearfisherman, surfer, musician; these are tenets true to what makes Michael Triscari who he is, as no love he has for one eclipses the other, and this is clearly seen in the life he lives and the music he writes.

With over a decade’s musical experience under his belt, Triscari brings with him a signature style of oceanic blues ’n’ roots and folk that can only come from his travels of the Western Australian coast as he paints pictures in his music of what he sees and feels in the places he explores.

Triscari is back in action with a brand new single after a five-year songwriting hiatus, marking the reemergence of his love for music.

“Back then, I pushed myself too hard. I tried rushing the songwriting and recording process and it became my undoing. I’ve come to realise that it cannot be rushed and I’ve now returned with a more honest and natural expression of music,” he adds.

“It’s less about how many more tracks I can put out and more about how I can connect with another on a raw and gritty level with what I write because that’s what I love the most about music. No perfect filter, no pretence, just music”

Going back to his roots and joining forces with Dave Mann Studios and Paulie Bromley at Yami Nui Studios, Triscari has stripped it back to the very basics to bring you ‘My Own Days’, a song with the intention of transporting you the West Australian coast, a place as raw as Triscari himself.

Doors 8pm | Entry $15 on the door

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