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A Very Karaoke Christmas with Consensual Connie & Friends

Thursday, December 19, 2019


All I want for Christmas is consent, karaoke and a quart chicken n chips!!!

Hostess of the roastess, Consensual Connie, returns to the land of chicken salt to throw a Chrissy-party-karaoke-healing-ceremony-chat-show-Freo-rodeo to wrap up the year that twas..

KARAOKE RODEOKE CHAOS – PUTTING THE FESTY IN FESTIVITIES ✧ With Connie and DJ Sleepy Queef on the karaoke request HOT-line

CHATEOKE – DEBUT – LIVE IRL CHAT SHOW ALL THINGS KARAOKE ✧ With RTRFM Midnight Special presenter and BEST person award Tristan Fidler

✧ GAMES ~ the fun kind, not gaslighty
✧ TRIVIA ~ only if the mood strikes, maybe CBF
✧ PRIZES ~ how neoliberal of us
✧ CONSENT ~ being naughty AND nice IS poss if you LISTEN
✧ COLLECTIVE CARE-OKE ~ self care is so last year

KARAOKE… the closest we get to heaven, for those of us going to hell…
Starring YOU and YULES TRULY…
Dial in if you wanna take part, or just rock up on the night

AULD LANG SIGN UP at the stage from 8pm

$5 door ✧ please contact MP admin if require assistance with cover charge ✧ Wheelchair accessible

✧ Don’t lose your Mojo basil, come to Mojo’s for a silly-bration. We wouldn’t want u to misseltoe out ✧

This karaoke healing takes place on the stolen lands of the Whadjuk people ✧ Colonisation was not consensual and this always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

Doors 8pm | Entry $5

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