Mojos Bar

Bob Log III Raises a Toast to 2020

Saturday, January 4, 2020


Bob Log III Raises a Toast to 2020 at Rosemount Hotel Friday January 3 and at Mojo’s Bar Saturday January 4. With the recent addition of a toaster onstage and feeding toast to punters that sit on his knee, Bob Log III literally is raising toast during 2020, in in such a way is Raising a Toast to 2020. There is no other performer as entertaining as Bob Log III. To witness Bob is to witness hedonism and inspiration wrapped up in an infinitely positive story from which the message is YES, BOB ROCKS. Those who see Bob know more about Bob and the meaning of freedom than those who don’t see Bob. Bob Log III is the world’s most entertaining performer. Special guests will be great, but. They won’t be Bob.

Doors 8pm | Tickets $24.50 incl. bf

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