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Mojos Bar


Mojos is truly a one of a kind music venue in North Fremantle. It’s a second home for creatives, artists, misfits, the young, the older, wild and tame. It doesn’t matter if you fit the bill or colour outside of it. If you love music, you’re in the right place. Here we discover, dance and devour music every single night of the week – and you will too.

Since the first gig in the 1970’s, the iconic North Fremantle site has had a special history. For over fifty years, it’s been a place where live music has reverberated and counter culture has been celebrated. Once The Stoned Crow, it became Mojo’s Bar in the early 1990’s. Since then the venue has hosted iconic international and national acts, along with many West Australian locals destined for greatness. The intimate, rolicking 200-capacity venue is first-pick for emerging artists, national legends and international touring acts alike.

Homegrown icons such as John Butler, Tame Impala, CW Stoneking, Abbe May, The Stems, San Cisco and Stella Donnelly graced our stage from their beginnings. History has and always will be heavily thrummed through these walls.

We have a deep commitment to inclusivity and diversity in all areas of our venue. We are incredibly proud of our elite production team and our dedicated music lovin’ staff. It’s our mission to make all feel welcome. For artists and guests to be safe and respected. To make this space special for all.

Step inside and feel everything else fall away – we are here for the love of music.


We are currently open 7 days a week 6pm til late.
Please note: currently closed on Tuesdays (we will be back soon though!)