#FreeHer Fundraiser w/ The Bundle Trucks, Siobhan Cotchin, BEXX, Nika Mo and more - Mojos Bar
Mojos Bar

#FreeHer Fundraiser w/ The Bundle Trucks, Siobhan Cotchin, BEXX, Nika Mo and more

Sunday, September 19, 2021

The prison system is a patriarchal institution that often relies on oppression to deal with people, rather than support. Many women in prison are facing institutional patriarchy, classism and racism in their lives and have financial and opportunistic barriers placed in front of any potential growth.

Sister’s Inside are running a campaign purely in Western Australia to support mothers in prison this called the #freeher campaign. 100% of funds raised for this campaign will go toward supporting mothers in prison.

To aid this campaign, an event is being run at Mojos Bar on Sunday September 19, with all proceeds going directly to the Sisters Inside #freeher campaign. This means that for every admission fee a direct impact is being had on the life of a mother languishing in prison due to poverty, not crime. We have been able to get to together an amazing line up for this event:

The Bundle Trucks
Siobhan Cotchin
Nika Mo
Heathcote Blue
Angie Colman
Jane Harris.

We will have a BBQ and clothes market from 2pm, with music starting from 2:15pm. Please come along to show your support for a great cause and rock out to some of Perth’s best musical acts.

This event takes place on Wadjuk Noongar Budja and it’s a real privilege to stand alongside elders and community in solidarity. Full support is given to centuries of Aboriginal resistance and survival. Decolonisation is the only path to justice. Always was, always will be.

Doors 2PM
$15 before 6PM || $20 after 6PM

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